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Sets of up to 42 solar panels are mounted on powered masts which continuously track the sun

Deger Tracking Arrays - maximise your return

ProAgri Solar Ltd can supply and install 50kW tracking arrays which produce up to 30% more electricity than static arrays. The extra electricity more than compensates for the additional cost of the arrays.

An array of 5 trackers will nominally produce the maximum power allowed within the FIT Rules, but their actual performance is far superior to fixed arrays of the same nominal capacity.


ProAgri Solar have teamed up with Deger Energie, one of Germany’s leading manufacturers and Trina Solar - producers of  highly-rated panels in China - to construct the most effective solar arrays available in the UK. Our arrays can be placed in any generally South-facing location which has no shading and where there is an incoming power line - preferably 3-phase. The trackers continuously monitor the sky and align the arrays to extract the maximum radiation from the Sun and will compensate for high wind speeds by laying the panels horizontally. Our arrays are of sufficient height to allow sheep and cattle to graze beneath them.


ProAgri Solar will survey your site and advise you on the best way forward free of charge. We will also complete your Planning Application and Energy Networks Association Microgeneration paperwork once an Agreement is in place.


Arrays can either be sold to you outright - when you will receive all the FIT plus Export revenue AND get free daytime electricity - or we can lease your site for an attractive initial payment and an annual rental payment and you will still get FREE daytime electricity.



Tracker arrays

Maximum return


High performance



Incoming power supply

Approximate Southerly location

0.50 acre site