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Fixed arrays - economical and unobtrusive

If you have half an acre of South-facing land with no shade ProAgri can supply and install a 50kW ground-mounted fixed array

Whilst not having the enhanced output of the tracker arrays, fixed arrays are less conspicuous and easier to install.


Trina panels are mounted on Schuco struts or in concrete blocks - we would recommend fencing round these arrays to minimise livestock damage or vandalism.

We offer outright sale or rental agreements and will carry out desktop surveys and quote for your project free of charge. Ideally your site will be within 250m of a 3-phase power supply, but we can work with split-phase supplies.


ProAgri Solar will survey your site and advise you on the best way forward free of charge. We will also complete your Planning Application and Energy Networks Association Microgeneration paperwork once an Agreement is in place.



Fixed arrays

Quick to install

Low maintenance


Predictable performance


Incoming power supply

South-facing location

0.50 acre site

Arrays can either be sold to you outright -  you will receive all the FIT plus Export revenue AND get free daytime electricity - or

we can lease your site for an attractive initial payment and an annual rental payment and you will still get FREE daytime electricity.