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Solar Energy - the power of the Sun converted to electricity

The technology for transforming solar energy into electricity has existed for many years. Recent Government carbon emission reduction targets have resulted in the introduction of Feed-In Tariffs (FITs) which pay renewable generators to produce electricity from this technology. The tariffs are index-linked for 25 years and are tax free. The maximum array size which attracts the moist beneficial FITs are up to 50kW and this is our specialist market

Solar Energy

Deger Trackers

In sets of 5 units these arrays generate up to 50kW.


Tracker-mounted arrays follow the Sun through its daily movement across the sky. The panels on each unit and aligned for the optimum power generation from dawn to dusk. As the units stand well above then ground fencing is not usually required.


Whilst more expensive to install the increased generation more than compensates for the extra investment.The sites need careful design at planning stage.



Fixed arrays

Our fixed arrays can be located in more sensitive sites and are less obtrusive and cheaper to install than tracking arrays. However, they generate less power annually.


Fixed to the ground on either a steel framework or concrete pads they are quickly installed. Fencing is generally recommended if livestock or public access are expected

Deger tracker framework