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At ProAgri Solar we aim to make mid scale solar

power generation accessible to a larger audience.


Protect you and your business against electricity price rises for the next 25 years


ProAgri Solar - the future today

The Feed-In Tariff regime has brought solar power into the UK mainstream for the first time.  Although the scheme has been amended to preclude large scale ‘Solar Farms’ the subsidies available are still attractive up to 50Kw of Total Installed capacity. The present tariffs are only available until early 2012.


At this level there is significant energy generated and ProAgri Solar has access to a solution that can increase the amount of Kilo-Watt Hours generated by an array.


We are now looking for installation sites throughout the UK on both a retail and rental basis .  We can offer long term income plus an element of energy security in return for site rental contracts.

Tracking the sun’s energy

Whilst solar power is nothing new, efficiency is hugely increased by accurately tracking the sun’s rays through the day....

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Trina Solar panels

We recommend Trina Solar panels find out why here....


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Fixed arrays

We can install entry level 50kW arrays where the visual impact needs to be lower...

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